Weekend Wandering

Weekend Wandering

February 10, 2018

Our week’s worth of our recently posted photos on our social media, for your weekend inspiration to seek out travel, nature, and adventure.  How are you going to make memories that you will talk about on Monday?  There’s More to Life

All photos and captions are our original creations unless cited otherwise.

JD: Weekends are made for downtime and sometimes downtime means stretching your imagination and senses and new experiences.

Double Column Ring Triangle by Fletcher Benton
A little wanderlust Wednesday for you.
“Great things never come from comfort zones” Palace of Versailles, France

All of this talk about winter storms from our friends and family back in Chicago (and M in Boston) and I’m over here like NOPE.

JD: we took this photo as we were house hunting in Arizona after being the last ones (of the 3 of us) to leave the little street in Illinois where we all lived. Since we are all reminiscing about looking back on our Chicago days, I’m reminded of this quote: Memories Take You Back, Dreams Take You Forward. ….. Chandler, AZ
M: A little Thursday Throwback, all this talk about Chicago makes me think about Chicago in the summer. There is something about the Chicago skyline, and feeling the breezes off Lake Michigan, that is part of the magic of the city. Sometimes it’s the pause in between travels that bring up the best memories.
Z: She promised herself better, and never looked back. (Author unknown, but I love this). And how does the story end? It doesn’t. That’s the point. Her story goes on & on, even in her legacy.
“Her legacy was that she loved with all she had, whether you deserved it or not” Liz Newman @liz_newman_writer
JD: Enjoying Native American culture with Brian Hammill, from Native Spirit performing at Native through Magic Bird Festivals
Z: this post is my ode, my wax poetic and my confession that boots are my weakness. I own probably close to 50 pairs of boots (Harley boots, cowgirl boots, dress boots, you get the idea…) and there is something about putting on the right pair of boots at the right time that can lead to a whole lot of trouble. To me, they are not just shoes but wearing a bit of your personality on the outside. You can’t turn my head with an expensive designer purse, but the right pair of boots will sing to my soul. And for men? It’s always been my personal philosophy you can tell the difference between boys and men by the boots that they wear.
Z: That Friday Feeling… Driving to Santa Barbara 2 weekends ago, I stopped at this awesome little restaurant, Boathouse at Hendry’s near Arroyo Burro beach. Really cute little cove with the California vibe and I couldn’t help but snap this iconic photo. Unfortunately, the 90-minute wait for a table continued our quest up the coast for a bite to eat, but the location and food looked irresistible. I’ll be back.


Zanne is the Founder, Editor, Administration, and Publisher of WhereGalsWander along with the title of Chief Trouble Maker. Blame her for everything.

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