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Last Sunday morning, we did something completely different: we explored the street art in LA in the Los Angeles Arts District.  Although downtown LA is not far from us, the traffic situation usually deters us to go north or east to the mountains, or west to the ocean, but not into the city.  We woke up early Sunday and followed an unusually quiet and foggy highway in the city.  As we spent hours on a scavenger hunt, walking up and down the silent streets for hours, the warehouse district transformed into a magical place with the colors popping in the mist to a candy-colored street gallery of the bright colors under the burning sun and bright blue sky.  The longer we stayed and the sun came out, it became a very popular backdrop for photographers, Instagrammers, film crews and crowds.  I suggest arriving early, as we did, and grabbing a coffee at the popular Urth cafe and then starting the walking tour down the alleys through the warehouses.  We tried to credit as many artists as we could, please comment below if you recognize the artist so we can properly credit them.

The LA Arts District is known as the Container Yard to around 4th Street if you are looking to see these amazing sites for yourself. It’s in the lower eastern section of downtown, south of Little Tokyo, and near Boyle Heights.   This is a great place to find bars and independent galleries. It’s becoming such a crowd-drawer that some of the businesses are supplying the paint themselves to the artists to do this modern-day graffiti art.


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