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Hiking Through the McDowell Mountains


Hiking through the McDowell Mountains. We never thought we would say hiking and McDowell Mountains and JD in the same sentence. Previously, we shared the story of JD’s initial hikes through her new surroundings in Arizona, and how her reluctance turned to a love to trek up rocky terrain and explore.¬† We thought we would check in on JD, and see what mountains she had (literally) conquered lately.¬† Her favorites are Camelback Mountain, and all of the trails through the McDowell Mountains. Her texts describe the feeling in her legs that hits even before she makes it back to the car. And then, let alone the next morning, but we are so proud of her, embracing her new climate and surroundings. JD is making the most of everything¬†Arizona has to offer. #MoreToLife

Flash forward one year and I visit JD with my daughter. JD takes her up on her first mountain hike.


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