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Venice Dreams and Parenting Goals

JD visits Venice, Italy with her Daughter

Venice dreams and parenting goals: talking with JD tonight, she reminded me that at this time three years ago, she made the decision to fly her and her daughter to Italy. Now the US has been banned by Europe for any travel, and JD is so grateful to have decided to make this trip. Although she had always dreamed of seeing Venice herself, to make this trip with her daughter really reflected the seize the day (or dream) moment.

JD had literally moved across the country from Chicago to Phoenix just days before. Boxes were not even unpacked yet. The first things to inbox were the passports and travel clothes for their net adventure: starting with Venice, and then onto Greece, Croatia, Spain, and Rome!

For many people, the idea of driving for days across the US, only to go through the stress of movers, unpacking, and moving into a new home would be overwhelming enough. Now add the fact that you’re a mom about to cross the globe and bring your teenage daughter with you. Both JD and I feel it’s important to show our daughters to embrace adventure and explore the unknown.

Balancing parenting and following your own dreams

Part of knowing yourself is understanding where you came from and all of the experiences that define who you are today.  It’s not just the people that you meet or the places you go, but the reasons why.  What if you traveled simply for the experience?   Each new adventure makes us realize everything that we can be.

What a better lesson in life than to bring our children on travels, local or across the seas, to teach them about the world, about life and help them learn who they are? In this way, JD was balancing her Venice dreams and parenting goals.

JD just left on July 4th with her daughter to fly to Europe to experience Italy and Spain.  As she realizes her own dream of touring Venice by gondola, she is teaching about dreaming big.  She is teaching her about the world, but JD  is also setting the example of a woman being able to travel solo, and encouraging the same confidence in her daughter.

Strong women achieving our dreams, may we be them, may we raise them.

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Photography by JD, Venice, Italy 2017


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