Holidays and Seasons

Spooky, Not Scary, Halloween in Los Angeles

My guide on where to go for spooky,not scary, Halloween in Los Angeles. I love Halloween, but I'm not a…

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Have A Wonderfully Socially Distanced Christmas

Have a wonderfully socially distanced Christmas, this year, welcome to the quarantine holidays. Wow. When I wrote last year's blog…

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Celebrating ALL Kinds of Christmas in Los Angeles

Celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles, Travel guide to the best holiday places, light and events.

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Our Favorite Summer Travel Photography 2018

WhereGalsWander favorite travel photography from our 2018 adventures

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Photos from a Fun, Fall Weekend

Part of the WhereGalsWander Weekend Wandering series, our collections of photos capturing what we did over the weekend, posted on…

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What Really Happened That 4th of July

(Note from Z: In case you haven’t read the backstory of where we came from and how we became friends,…

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